Fury Erupts Among West Friendly Avenue Residents Over Glenn Drew’s Indifference


In a striking display of communal outrage, residents along West Friendly Avenue are voicing their profound dismay at Glenn Drew’s apparent disregard for neighborhood concerns. Over 200 homeowners are incensed, feeling deceived by the developer, Glenn Drew. At a recent meeting on West Friendly Road, the community’s anger reached a boiling point due to the misleading information and falsehoods presented by Bo Rodenbough on behalf of Glenn Drew. Calls to halt this contentious development are growing louder and more insistent.

The event, marked by high emotions and stern resolve, was covered live by WFMY News 2, FOX 8 News, The Greensboro News and Record, Yes Weekly, and the Carolina Peacemaker. Notably, four members of the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission were present, witnessing firsthand the community’s vehement opposition. This development, seen as a threat to the neighborhood’s integrity, has united residents in their demand for immediate action to prevent it from proceeding.