Glenn Drew Moves Forward with Another Plan

FOX 8 News has recently reported that Glenn Drew is undeterred in his ambitions. Despite facing substantial opposition from concerned neighbors, he is preparing for yet another attempt to rezone his 4-acre property on Friendly Avenue. Many in the community believe that this move is not in the best interest of the neighborhood. Residents have voiced concerns about the potential implications such a change could have on the character and quality of life in the area, emphasizing the need for development that aligns with the community’s values and vision. The growing resistance underscores a collective commitment to preserving the essence of what makes the neighborhood unique.

From Fox 8 News 6 PM, September 22, 2023:

Developing this evening. Controversial rezoning plans are moving forward for more than four acres of land on West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro. We’ve been telling you about this project for months. In fact, you can’t drive down Friendly Avenue without seeing signs opposing it. Well, the developer has now adjusted his original plans and will try once again to get the city to rezone that property. Fox 8’s Natasha Laguerre spoke with people who live close to this area. So Natasha, how do people feel about this new plan? People I spoke with say they are not happy to see to homes in this property that you see behind me. In fact, this land is surrounded by single-family homes and people want to keep it that way. You shouldn’t allow one person to come in and destroy your community. No rezoning signs along West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro and a petition with more than 1,000 signatures show people don’t want to see their neighborhood change. This is actually a big deal to all of us who live here. Glen Drew owned the land back in August. He pulled his original plans for the property and last week he resubmitted his Unified Development Plan certification. This is his first step in rezoning his property frustrates us because we’re not getting a say, he’s not listening and talking to us. We offered some suggestions and he turned around and said, I’m just going to do what I want to do. According to his new plan, he is requesting 22 units of townhomes as tall as 45 ft. The land is 4.3 acres and that will be five units per acre right now. His land is zoned as three which only allows you to build your standard single-family home, but he wants to change it to a PD to allow him to build his plans other than traffic congestion and neighborhood style concerns. Neighbors are more concerned about the long run if he is able to do it, that opens the door for other developers to come in and buy two houses and do the exact same thing very easily. These plans are not approved yet. Drew has until October 6 to submit his PD rezoning application as the city said they have not received that application yet. Now I reached out to Drew’s lawyer three times on cell phone but he has not received and it went straight to voicemail live in Greensboro Fox News.