Glenn Drew Reconsiders Friendly Avenue’s Zoning Request

In a surprising twist, Glenn Drew, the developer behind the contentious rezoning proposal for Friendly Avenue, has decided to withdraw his request. This decision came amidst strong community opposition, as residents rallied together to preserve the charm and character of their beloved neighborhood.

Friendly Avenue, known for its serene environment and single-family homes, became a hub of debate when Drew proposed transforming it into a multi-family dwelling zone. The tight-knit community, cherishing their peace and harmony, saw the rezoning as a direct threat to the area’s very essence.

The Friends of Friendly Avenue Committee played a crucial role in rallying residents and voicing their concerns, leading to this significant moment. Their consistent efforts in community engagements, yard signage, and even social media campaigns appear to have struck a chord.

While this withdrawal is a victory, the community remains vigilant, knowing that a modified request might be on the horizon. Still, for now, the residents of Friendly Avenue can take a sigh of relief, having safeguarded their neighborhood’s unique charm once again.