Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Meeting

Nco Map

For over 70 years, our neighborhood, and specifically West Friendly Avenue has been a beacon of unique charm and community spirit. But now, this very essence is under threat due to previous proposed rezoning plans.

If you own a home directly on West Friendly Avenue between Holden Road to Westridge Roads this meeting will be of the most importance to you. If not, this meeting may not apply to you and your home.

We urgently need your voice and presence at an upcoming informational meeting. This is more than just a meeting – it’s a rallying point for all of us who cherish Friendly Avenue’s distinctive character. The proposed overlay is aimed at protecting the character-defining elements of our properties, spanning from Holden Road to Westridge Roads.

Your home, your memories, and your community’s future are at stake. If you live directly on West Friendly Avenue, your participation is not just important – it’s crucial. Let’s unite and ensure our voices are heard loud and clear.

Please Share with Your Neighbors on West Friendly Avenue!

It’s important to note that this Neighborhood Conservation Overlay might not directly apply to everyone. However, your involvement is crucial as the outcome will affect the entire community. Sharing this information is a vital step in ensuring that all voices are heard and all interests are considered.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community informed and engaged!

Date & Time: Thursday, January 11, 2024 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM
Location: Westminister Presbyterian Church 3906 W Friendly Avenue

You can talk to a neighbor leaders who live on West Friendly Avenue below:

Nikki Kohut – 3921 W Friendly Ave –
John Drinkard – 4020 W Friendly Ave –
Steve Freyaldenhoven – 4003 W Friendly Ave –