Second Successful Meeting of Neighbors


August 6, 2023, Greensboro, NC: An overwhelming success at Westminster Presbyterian Church! Over 200 concerned neighbors united, demonstrating the strength and passion of our community. The gathering provided insightful updates from the committee and invaluable advice from our legal team. It’s clear that our neighborhood is engaged, informed, and ready to take collective action. People attending the gathering that spoke up at the meeting were very vocal that they will not settle for anything less than single-family and would prefer the land stay zoned R-3.

With the committee providing insightful updates, and our legal team delivering invaluable advice, our neighborhood stood as a well-informed, engaged, and proactive force.

The atmosphere was electric, charged with genuine concern, and a shared commitment to the integrity of our neighborhood. Those who took the floor articulated a clear and uncompromising stance: single-family zoning is the only acceptable way forward. There was a strong preference expressed for maintaining the current R-3 zoning, emphasizing our collective resistance against any drastic alterations that might disrupt the charm and tranquility of our community.

This meeting was not just a gathering, but a testament to the serious concerns echoing throughout our community, proving that we won’t stand idle in the face of potential disruption to our neighborhood’s cherished character. The voice of our community is loud, it’s clear, and it cannot be ignored.