Your Voice Matters: Join Local Leaders in Speaking to The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission

Our Community Needs Your Help

In recent times, our community has been at the forefront of a crucial conversation regarding the future of our beloved neighborhood. As we navigate through the challenges posed by the proposed rezoning plans, it’s heartening to see local community leaders stepping up and voicing their concerns to The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission.

Their messages, rich in insight and passion, reflect the deep commitment we all share to the well-being and preservation of our community. These leaders are not just speaking for themselves; they are echoing the collective voice of our community. But this dialogue is not complete without YOUR voice.

Read what local community leaders are saying to the Zoning Commissioners

Andy Aronson‘s Powerful Email to the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission. Andy’s email is more than just words on a page; it’s a poignant reflection of our community’s sentiments and a well-reasoned argument against the rezoning plans. Drawing from his deep understanding of our city and its long-term goals, especially the Greensboro 2040 Growth Plan, he meticulously points out the discrepancies between these long-range plans and the current rezoning proposal.

John F. Merrell, III, a lifelong Greensboro resident and retired City Planning Director with 35+ years of experience, has written an insightful letter to our Planning and Zoning Commission. John brings his vast national experience in city planning to our local context, offering a unique perspective on the current rezoning issues we’re facing. His letter is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our city.

David Pleasant‘s email to the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commissions is a critical observation and a call for transparency and adherence to the city’s long-term plans. In his email, David points out a significant omission in the Planning Department’s report, which recommended approval of the controversial rezoning request on Friendly Avenue. Key Points from David’s Email (1) Omission of GSO 2040 Strategy (2) Strategy 1 of GSO 2040 and Inconsistency with Rezoning Request Read his email at

👉 Why You Should Write to the Commissioners:

Personal Impact: Share how the proposed changes will affect you and your family. Personal stories and experiences are powerful and resonate deeply.

Community Vision: Express your vision for the future of our neighborhood. What kind of community do you want to live in?

Collective Strength: Every letter adds to the collective strength of our community’s voice, making it harder for our concerns to be overlooked or ignored.

📝 How to Communicate Your Concerns:

Be Clear and Concise: Clearly state your opposition or concerns regarding the rezoning. Keep your message focused and to the point.

Be Respectful: While it’s important to be firm and assertive, ensure your tone remains respectful.

Include Your Details: Don’t forget to include your name, address, and contact information.
Your involvement can truly make a difference. By adding your voice to those of our local leaders, you help ensure that the decisions made by The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission are in the best interests of our community.

Let’s stand together for the neighborhood we love and cherish. Write to the Commission today!

Click on this page for detailed instructions and a sample email:

Here are the Zoning Commission emails:

Sandra O’Connor –
Catherine Magid –
Zac Engle –
Mary Skenes –
Andrew Egbert –
Keith Peterson –
Erica Glass –
Warche’ Downing –

Need help writing an Email?

Follow the sample email at this link to help write a letter to the Greensboro Planning And Zoning Commissioners. Their email are listed on this page