Letter to Zoning Commissioners from David Pleasants

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Planned Unit Developments: The Hidden Concerns for Our Community

On Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 2:07 PM David david.p@pesmeters.com wrote:

Dear Commission Member:

Please note that on Page 5 of the Planning Department’s report recommending approval of this rezoning request, the Planning Department left out a critical section of GSO 2040.

Here is their entry on Page 5:

“GSO 2040 Written Policies Creating Great Places – Creating interesting and attractive places and vibrant public spaces in neighborhoods, across Greensboro, in downtown and with our historic resources.

Goal A – Greensboro’s citywide network of unique neighborhoods offer residents of all walks of life a variety of quality housing choices.

Strategy 2 – Meet housing needs and desires with a sufficient and diverse supply of housing products, prices and locations.”

Why did they omit Strategy 1?

Strategy 1: Protect and enhance the unique character of every neighborhood. Leverage planning and permitting tools to safeguard the environment and historic buildings and places from potential negative impacts of development, redevelopment, public projects, and commercial encroachment. Encourage Placemaking projects and improvements that reinforce the distinct character of each neighborhood. Strengthen the role of homeowner and neighborhood associations in recognizing, enhancing, and celebrating the unique neighborhood character.”

Maybe because the rezoning request does not meet Strategy 1!

Please consider that the Planning Department omitted this important Strategy 1 because they realized that this rezoning request for a 22 dwelling duplex development on 4.4 acres at 4000 Friendly Avenue, right in the middle of Friendly Avenue’s old single family neighborhoods, definitely does not “Protect and enhance the unique character of every neighborhood”. Instead, it disrupts the unique character of the surrounding neighborhoods!

Please vote NO to this rezoning request.

David Pleasants
615 Bruton Place South
Greensboro, NC 27410
Cell: 336.542.7086

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