Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission Members

Just Say No to the ReZoning of Friendly Avenue

The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission Members are listed below. If you know any of them personally we encourage you to speak to them face to face and share with them our concerns over the unnecessary Zoning Request.

  • Sandra O’Connor – Chair –
  • Richard T. Bryson – Vice Chair –
  • Zac Engle –
  • Catherine Magid –
  • Vernal G. Alford III –
  • B. Keith Peterson –
  • Mary Skenes –
  • Andrew Egbert –
  • Erica Glass –

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Our Concerns are as follows:

  1. Density: We urge that the construction on Glenn Drew’s 4.3-acre plot be limited to a maximum of 15 townhomes, ensuring they seamlessly blend with the current aesthetics and ambiance of our neighborhood. He has not listened to us and reduced his complex from 26 units to 22 units.
  2. Set Back: We kindly ask Glenn Drew to consider preserving the 100-foot setback from Friendly Avenue, mirroring the established pattern of other homes on the street. This would help ensure consistency and maintain the distinctive character of our single-family community. In his plan, he only has a 35-foot setback from the street, and destroying the tree canopy that has made Friendly Avenue have such a unique look with privacy from the street.
  3. Water Retention Pond: It is imperative for the community that Glenn Drew refrain from situating an unattractive retention pond at the front of the property. His plan puts an unsightly retention pond directly in front of the complex within a few feet of Friendly Avenue giving the site a look of an industrial complex. Such a feature would not only give the impression of a commercial site but would also detract from the scenic appeal for those driving down Friendly Avenue.
  4. Tree Canopy: We sincerely hope that the cherished tree canopy on Friendly Avenue, graced with trees that are over a century old, is recognized for its immense value. We’ve reached out to Glenn Drew with the request to preserve this natural heritage. Not only does it offer homeowners the privacy they cherish from the street, but it also enhances the picturesque and neighborly ambiance that Friendly Avenue has been proud of for many years.