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West Friendly Avenue Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District Proposal by The City of Greensboro

Preliminary Overview 
Greensboro’s enabling ordinance for NCOs requires that a plan and development guidelines accompany any request to create an NCO. Contained within this plan will be a statement of purpose and intent, a description of the area boundary, relevant history, a physical description of the area, land use and zoning analysis, and a review of the West Friendly Avenue NCO planning process. 

Purpose and Intent 
The purpose of the NCO is to preserve the characteristics of the existing residential neighborhood. These features, unique to Friendly Avenue Boulevard, are large lots, substantial setbacks, and significant tree coverage along the West Friendly Avenue corridor. 

The standards in this NCO are based on the context established by the existing structures and neighborhood development patterns. As such, all structures existing inside the GKC NCO boundary at the time of the adoption of this plan shall be considered to be in conformance with the plan’s standards. Up to and including 100% of the pre-damage tax value, damaged structures can be rebuilt in their existing footprint. Structures existing at the time of the adoption of this plan may be expanded and altered as long as the expansion complies with the dimensional requirements of the Land Development Ordinance and this NCO plan.

All properties within the West Friendly Avenue Neighborhood Conservation Overlay must adhere to the standards contained herein. Development, redevelopment, or infill projects will also be guided by other applicable land development and land use standards. The overlay standards take precedence if a conflict arises between the overlay and the underlying zoning. 

West Friendly Avenue Neighborhood and the NCO Planning Process
The West Friendly Avenue neighborhood initiated a request to begin the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay on August 22, 2023, by submitting a feasibility application. This application was accompanied by a petition signed by 25% of the land area and parcels included within the proposed NCO. The first neighborhood meeting was held on January 11, 2024. Staff met with residents to discuss the NCO, including what it is and how it relates to zoning and possible future development. That initial meeting included some preliminary dimensional information supporting the application, such as average setbacks of the lots within the district.

A second neighborhood meeting was held on April 9, 2024. Participants worked to clarify draft standards, and consensus was reached on the items discussed, including front setbacks, side setbacks, maximum height, and tree protection standards. The discussion included consideration of the impact of the proposed changes, with a desire expressed by the group to incorporate flexibility in some of the standards to ensure a comfortable fit for all. Following this meeting, staff worked to prepare a draft of the plan that the residents could share as they worked to collect the necessary property owner signatures in support of the application

Location and Boundaries
The West Friendly Avenue Neighborhood Conservation Overlay consists of the lots fronting West Friendly Avenue between Holden Road and Westridge Road. The area is located in the Northwest section of Greensboro, about five miles outside the city center. The map below shows the properties included in the NCO. 

If you own property or home identified in the map below, a Preserve Friendly Avenue Volunteer will be available to discuss the West Friendly Avenue Neighborhood Conservation Overlay and what you must do to protect our neighborhood.

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🎉🌳 Victory for West Friendly Avenue Community! 🌳🎉

Exciting news, everyone! The proposal to introduce 22 new townhomes into our beloved West Friendly Avenue neighborhood has been successfully halted! This is a moment of celebration for all of us who cherish the unique character of our community.

As our neighbor Eric Estep aptly put it, “We’ve scored a major victory in what feels like the first round of a boxing match!” Our collective efforts have made a significant impact, with the Planning and Zoning Commission denying the re-zoning request from developer Glenn Drew, and the appeal window now closed.

But our journey doesn’t end here. We’re taking proactive steps to safeguard the future of our neighborhood by working towards a neighborhood conservation overlay. This will help ensure that any future developments will respect and fit within the standards that define the heart and soul of our area.

Let’s keep standing strong together to protect and preserve the essence of West Friendly Avenue!

The voice of our community triumphed in Monday night’s meeting with the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission.

It’s OFFICIAL! Glenn Drew did NOT file for an appeal regarding the rezoning decision. It looks like our neighborhood’s efforts have paid off for now! 🎉 Let’s stay vigilant and keep our community strong. Cheers to this victory! 🏡🌳

Keep posted at https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/ for future updates as we need to be prepared for the possibility of his return with new proposals. Your efforts and support have been invaluable so far, and they will be crucial in the times ahead. Let’s continue to stand together, stay informed, and be ready to take action to protect the unique character of our community. Your vigilance and involvement are what make our neighborhood a wonderful place to live. Thank you for everything you do, and let’s keep our community spirit strong!


News 2 Explains why Glenn Drew’s 22-unit townhome duplex failed to pass City Zoning

More than 250 Homeowners in the Friendly Avenue area came to listen to Glenn Drew’s desire to build a 22 rental townhome duplex on Friendly Avenue. The vote was NO by the Zoning Commissioners. The Zoning Commissioners had plenty of questions for Glenn Drew’s attorney. We were told Glenn Drew was not present at the Zoning Meeting because according to his legal counsel, he would be a distraction from the “real issues”. The community will continue to fight this battle to keep the neighborhood zoned as Residential R-3.

In a remarkable display of unity and determination, the residents of our cherished neighborhood recently came together to confront and challenge a development plan that threatened to upend the fabric of our community. At the heart of this struggle was Glenn Drew’s controversial proposal to build a 22-unit rental townhome duplex, a plan that sparked widespread opposition for its potential to disrupt the local charm and family-friendly atmosphere of our area. This story is not just about opposition; it’s about how a community rallied in unison for a common cause, leading to a significant victory at the Zoning Commission’s recent vote.

The Power of Community
From the onset, the proposal by Glenn Drew was met with immediate concern. Residents feared the loss of the neighborhood’s unique character and the introduction of elements that would drastically alter its landscape. What unfolded next was a testament to the power of community action. Neighbors joined forces, united by a shared commitment to preserving the essence of their neighborhood. Meetings were held, strategies formulated, and a collective voice emerged, stronger and more determined than ever.

Educating and Informing the Commission
A crucial aspect of the community’s effort was to ensure the Zoning Commissioners were thoroughly informed and aware of the residents’ concerns. Through careful planning, our community leaders prepared a compelling 10-minute presentation for the Zoning Commission, highlighting key points against the rezoning application. This presentation was more than just a speech; it was a heartfelt plea, a narrative woven from the concerns, hopes, and the very identity of the neighborhood.

The Zoning Commission’s Decision
On the day of the vote, the Zoning Commission, having been well-educated about the intricacies of the application and the community’s stance, cast their votes. In a decisive 9 to 1 outcome, the Commission voted against the rezoning application, aligning with the community’s plea. This outcome was not just a rejection of a development plan; it was an affirmation of the community’s right to preserve its character and a reflection of the Commission’s responsiveness to public concern.

Witnessing the Passion
The community’s journey and its ultimate victory are encapsulated in the passionate voices of our leaders during their presentation to the Commission. To truly understand the depth of the community’s commitment, one needs to listen to those ten minutes of powerful advocacy. The presentation is available for all to hear, serving as an inspiring reminder of what can be achieved when a community stands together.

Moving Forward
This victory is a significant milestone, but the journey doesn’t end here. It serves as a powerful example of the impact of collective action and the importance of staying vigilant and involved in the decisions that shape our neighborhoods. As we celebrate this win, let’s also remember the responsibility we bear to continue nurturing and protecting the places we call home.

Together, we have shown that when a community unites for a cause, it can protect and preserve what matters most. Let’s carry this spirit forward, for our neighborhood and for the generations to come.

🏡📣 Your Voice Matters: Join Local Leaders in Speaking to The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission

Our community has been at the forefront of a crucial conversation regarding the future of our beloved neighborhood. As we navigate through the challenges posed by the proposed rezoning plans, it’s heartening to see local community leaders stepping up and voicing their concerns to The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission.

Their messages, rich in insight and passion, reflect the deep commitment we all share to the well-being and preservation of our community. These leaders are not just speaking for themselves; they are echoing the collective voice of our community.

Your involvement can truly make a difference. By adding your voice to those of our local leaders, you help ensure that the decisions made by The Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission are in the best interests of our community.

Let’s stand together for the neighborhood we love and cherish. Write to the Commission today! https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/act-now/

Andy Aronson‘s Powerful Email to the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission. Andy’s email is more than just words on a page; it’s a poignant reflection of our community’s sentiments and a well-reasoned argument against the rezoning plans. Drawing from his deep understanding of our city and its long-term goals, especially the Greensboro 2040 Growth Plan, he meticulously points out the discrepancies between these long-range plans and the current rezoning proposal. https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/zoning-commissioners-from-andy-aronson/

John F. Merrell, III, a lifelong Greensboro resident and retired City Planning Director with 35+ years of experience, has written an insightful letter to our Planning and Zoning Commission. John brings his vast national experience in city planning to our local context, offering a unique perspective on the current rezoning issues we’re facing. His letter is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our city. https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/zoning-commissioners-from-john-merrell/

David Pleasant‘s email to the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commissions is a critical observation and a call for transparency and adherence to the city’s long-term plans. In his email, David points out a significant omission in the Planning Department’s report, which recommended approval of the controversial rezoning request on Friendly Avenue. Key Points from David’s Email (1) Omission of GSO 2040 Strategy (2) Strategy 1 of GSO 2040 and Inconsistency with Rezoning Request Read his email at https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/zoning-commissioners-from-david-pleasants/


Our mission is to staunchly oppose the rezoning of Friendly Avenue, safeguarding our neighborhood’s unique charm and tranquility from multi-tenant intrusion. In the heart of Greensboro, where community values once blossomed, a menacing shadow looms. A new proposal, driven more by profit than by people, threatens to disrupt the delicate balance of our neighborhood. This isn’t merely a boundary dispute; it’s a battle for Greensboro’s soul. Every brick, every tree, every childhood memory anchored here cries out for us to stand firm, to protect the very essence of what makes our community home.

Friendly Avenue Rezoning Proposal Faces Fierce Backlash from Community

Developer’s Representatives Meet With Hostile Reception

In a dramatic turn of events, the proposed rezoning of Friendly Avenue has ignited a firestorm of opposition from the local community. During a tense meeting on Monday night, which saw a turnout of over 200 concerned residents, the atmosphere was charged with palpable anger and apprehension. Watch News 2 coverage here!

The No-ReZoning Committee and Neighbors are deeply infuriated by Glenn Drew’s blatant disregard for our community concerns!
Read more at 👉 The Battle To Preserve Friendly Avenue Continues

Glenn Drew Moves Forward with Another Plan

September 22, 2023: FOX 8 News has recently reported that Glenn Drew is undeterred in his ambitions. Despite facing substantial opposition from concerned neighbors, he is preparing for yet another attempt to rezone his 4-acre property on Friendly Avenue. Many in the community believe that this move is not in the best interest of the neighborhood. Residents have voiced concerns about the potential implications such a change could have on the character and quality of life in the area, emphasizing the need for development that aligns with the community’s values and vision. The growing resistance underscores a collective commitment to preserving the essence of what makes the neighborhood unique.

Glenn Drew Reconsiders Friendly Avenue’s Zoning Request

GlennDrew In a surprising twist, Glenn Drew, the landowner and potential developer behind the contentious rezoning proposal for Friendly Avenue, has decided to withdraw his request. This decision came amidst strong community opposition, as residents rallied together to preserve the charm and character of their beloved neighborhood. Friendly Avenue, known for its serene environment and single-family homes, became a hub of debate when Drew proposed transforming it into a multi-family dwelling zone. The tight-knit community, cherishing their peace and harmony, saw the rezoning as a direct threat to the area’s very essence. The Friends of Friendly Avenue Committee played a crucial role in rallying residents and voicing their concerns, leading to this significant moment. Their consistent efforts in community engagements, yard signage, and even social media campaigns appear to have struck a chord. While this withdrawal is a victory, the community remains vigilant, knowing that a modified request might be on the horizon. Still, for now, the residents of Friendly Avenue can take a sigh of relief, having safeguarded their neighborhood’s unique charm once again.

Preserving Our Community:

The Friends of Friendly Planning Committee was excited to learn on August 10th that Glenn Drew, the landowner, and his business CZS Development Company, LLC have withdrawn their application for rezoning his property from R-3 (Residential Single-family-3) to CD-RM-8 (Conditional District-Residential Multifamily-8). This is a great step but we’re NOT done! We know through the attorneys that he will be resubmitting a different and possibly modified ReZoning request in September or October. This will mean an October or November hearing in front of the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission and later in front of the City Council.

It’s crucial that we understand your top priorities as we prepare for the upcoming discussions. Please take a moment, just about 2 minutes, to fill out the survey below. Your insights will be shared with our attorney to inform our next steps.

To clarify, we are not the ones seeking negotiation with Glenn Drew and his legal team; instead, they are reaching out to us. They aim to gain our backing for the project, fully aware of the community’s sentiments about the unwarranted rezoning of our cherished neighborhood.

It’s vital for the committee and our attorney to understand your stance. For instance, does the community solely prefer single-family homes? How crucial is the issue of density to you? And what are your thoughts on buffer zones and setbacks? Your opinion matters greatly, and gathering this information will aid in advocating for a resolution that aligns with our neighborhood’s character.

🚨 Urgent Call To Action 🚨

Every sign, flyer, and ad plays a pivotal role in preserving our community from unwanted rezoning. Please consider donating to our General Fund. Let’s pool our resources and make our voices heard even louder!

Mail your contribution to:
Friends of Friendly
PO Box 10142
Greensboro, NC 27404,

Or instantly donate via our GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/friends-of-friendly. Together, we defend our homes and community! 🏡 #StopRezoning #ProtectFriendlyAve

Overlay No Rezonibg Complex

Second Successful Meeting of Neighbors, August 6th

An overwhelming success at Westminster Presbyterian Church! Over 200 concerned neighbors united, demonstrating the strength and passion of our community. The gathering provided insightful updates from the committee and invaluable advice from our legal team. It’s clear that our neighborhood is engaged, informed, and ready to take collective action. People attending the gathering that spoke up at the meeting were very vocal that they will not settle for anything less than single-family and would prefer the land stay zoned R-3.

What’s This About and Why Should You Be Concerned?

The “Unacceptable” Proposal

The proposal consists of 22 units designed as 13 duplex two-story buildings. Glen Drew the owner of CZS Development Company, LLC is seeking a rezoning from R-3 (Residential Single-family-3) to CD-RM-8 (Conditional District-Residential Multifamily-8). The current zoning, R3, allows three single-family units per acre (Total acreage 4.4). The requested zoning of RM8 zoning would allow eight multi-family units per acre for a maximum of 36 total units that would clearly not be in the good character of the community that has been established for more than 70 years. The initial proposed rent per unit is $3,000/month and the renters would have very limited access to the road causing traffic issues in addition to being an unsightly eye sore to the neighbors and the already established community of single-family homes in the area. The proposed density leaves room only for a 12-foot minimum building setback from side and rear property lines The proposed multi-family density increase is not in context with the surrounding neighborhood. The current single-family home setback on West Friendly Ave is 100 feet or more.


Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments, there is a special phone number where you can leave VOICE or TEXT messages.
CALL or TEXT (336) 222-6995

July 17th at 5:30 PM was the first of many meetings with the Greensboro Zoning and Planning Board. In the largest turnout in the Greensboro Zoning and Planning Commission history, more than 300 concerned homeowners in the Friendly Avenue area gathered in the room where there was standing room only against the builder Glenn Drew the sole owner of CZS Development LLC who sat quietly at the back of the room while his legal counsel asks for a continuance to next month. Glenn Drew did not speak at the meeting and knows the community is standing strongly against his rezoning request. See Glenn Drew’s reactions to the large crowd at https://preservefriendlyavenue.com/community-says-no-to-rezoning/

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Just wanted to share some fantastic news - the plan for those 22 townhomes on West Friendly Ave has been scrapped! 🏡 We won this round, as Eric Estep said, like a boxing match! The rezoning request was denied, and no appeal is coming. But we're not stopping here. We're working on a neighborhood conservation overlay to guide any future development. Let's keep our community's charm intact!

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