Make Your Voice Heard: The Critical Zoning Commission Meeting on November 20th

Make Your Voice Heard: The Critical Zoning Commission Meeting on November 20th
Make Your Voice Heard: The Critical Zoning Commission Meeting on November 20th

A Call to Action for Friendly Avenue Residents

The upcoming Zoning Commission meeting on Monday, November 20th, is more than a date on the calendar for the residents of Friendly Avenue—it’s a pivotal moment in the life of our community. This meeting is not just an opportunity to hear the arguments from developer Glenn Drew and his legal counsel; it’s a crucial platform for us, the residents, to make our voices heard.

The Power of Presence

Our attendance at this meeting is vital. It’s about showing the Zoning Commission the strength and unity of our community. When we fill the room with concerned residents, we send an unmistakable message: the proposed rezoning is not just a minor inconvenience, it’s an issue that galvanizes an entire community.

Why Your Voice Matters

The decisions made by zoning boards are often influenced by the turnout and sentiment expressed at these meetings. Your presence and your voice contribute to a powerful chorus of community concern. By showing up, you’re not just a bystander; you’re an active participant in the democratic process, shaping the future of your neighborhood.

Understanding Both Sides

It’s important to be informed. Hearing directly from Glenn Drew and his legal team will provide insight into their perspective and rationale. Equally, it’s our chance to ask questions, seek clarifications, and challenge any points that we believe are detrimental to the well-being of our neighborhood.

A Unified Front

There’s an undeniable impact when a large group of residents, united in their opposition to rezoning, attends a meeting. It demonstrates to the Zoning Commission that this is not a matter of individual complaints but a collective sentiment. Our unity amplifies our message, making it clear that the proposed changes are not in the best interest of our community.

The Outcome We Seek

Our goal is simple: to persuade the Zoning Commission to reject the rezoning proposal. We want to protect the charm, character, and integrity of Friendly Avenue. This is about preserving the neighborhood as a place where families thrive, where community bonds are strong, and where the heritage is respected.

How You Can Prepare

  • Mark the Date: Monday, November 20th, 5:30 PM. Clear your schedule and make attending a priority.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your neighbors, friends, and family in the area to attend.
  • Voice Your Concerns: Prepare to speak, if you wish, or consider submitting a written statement.

The November 20th Zoning Commission meeting is a defining moment for Friendly Avenue. It’s a chance for us to stand up for what we believe in and to protect the place we call home. Let’s come together, make our voices heard, and ensure our neighborhood remains a vibrant, family-friendly community. Your presence can make all the difference. Let’s show the strength of our community!