Glenn A Drew’s Questionable Business Ethics


Opinion Research written by Nicky Smith

Glenn A Drew is a resident of Greensboro living in the luxury community of Irving Park at 4010 Hazel Lane. After his failed attempt to recruit High School Students to the world renowned American Hebrew Academy, he resigned on November 30, 2020, after many years of poor financial management and large salaries and other compensation to himself. The American Hebrew Acadamy was sold to the Bejing-based Chinese company. There is much more to the story behind Glenn Drew you need to know. Glenn Drew is peppered with scandals for many years profiting from one financial crisis to another. Glenn A. Drew is practicing law since 1986 (currently in Greensboro) and has over 37 years of practice in Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, International Law, and related legal activities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Maryland, a Juris Doctorate degree Cum Laude from the University of Miami, and is the recipient of an American Jurisprudence Award for his work in the area of Property law. Drew’s previous experience includes corporate and government positions in Miami, Washington, D.C., and London. Drew is the nephew of Maurice “Chico” Sabbah, the Academy’s founder, and served as Mr. Sabbah’s counsel and principal advisor on all Academy matters.

Business History:

September 1979 – Glenn A Drew was the Registered Agent for M. D. Sabbah & Company later changed its name to Fortress Reinsurance Company, Inc. – The purpose was as an aviation reinsurance company based in Burlington NC, and was dissolved in 2016. Glenn Drew had close ties to Maurice Sabbah who founded the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, without disclosing his name as the founder and major donor. Japanese insurers who were covered by Fortress Re reached an agreement in their effort to recover some of their losses by suits against the Hebrew Academy. The specifics in regard to the settlement remain undisclosed. Sabbah died in April 2006.

October 2009Nadlan Properties, LLC – Purpose is unknown but is still an active corporation according to the NC Secretary of State.

June 2018JRSM Associates, LLC – The purpose was to provide the Chinese based company, Puxin Limited with consulting services for assisting the transaction of closing the school. The corporation according to the NC Secretary of State is still active. Glenn Drew’s involvement in this consulting firm and the following scandal shows how possibly corrupt Glenn might be and how involved he might be in the now owned Chinese owned facility.

The school’s fate was arguably sealed by former CEO, Glenn Drew. He controlled the school since its inception and has endured the accusations that he squandered school finances for years. In fact, AHA’s 2019 tax returns also show that in the year the school closed because of its insolvency, Glenn Drew made a salary of nearly $700,000. In addition to that hefty salary, his consulting company, JRSM Associates, LLC, was paid $1,465,090 for the management of the closure and financial crisis.

Under Glenn Drew’s control and direction and according to records from the Small Business Administration, AHA took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). PPP loans were made available to small businesses struggling to pay their employees during the pandemic. Records show AHA received two PPP loans totaling $1,486,118, despite the school not being fully operational and serving no students.

Although AHA’s first PPP loan reported 50 jobs saved with the funds, a source employed during that time advised that the true number of workers on campus was significantly less. AHA was approved for a second PPP loan in February of 2021, despite acknowledging that plans to reopen ended one month prior. The second loan application reported 65 jobs would be saved with the funds it received. Both loans were forgiven, and the school never reopened.

Were taxpayer’s funds sent to China? The purpose of PPP loans was to protect American businesses and worker salary. However, it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars of PPP funds flowed to Chinese entities either owned or invested in. Did Glenn Drew know of this activity?

The American Hebrew Academy abruptly closed its doors in 2019. Shortly thereafter, it refinanced its property loan through an education company in Communist China, Puxin Limited. That loan totals $26 million and accrues 18% interest per year. Puxin reportedly placed three Chinese individuals on the highest three board roles shortly after the school announced the loan refinancing. The school confirmed that Puxin’s loan remains outstanding, and Puxin is a current lender to the school. While federal records reflect that AHA is a “U.S. Owned Business” and not a foreign entity, some question whether the school’s financial indebtedness to Puxin and their apparent de facto control over its board indicates that the contract is for the benefit of a foreign entity. Was this a plan orchestrated by Glenn Drew?

September 2021CZS Development Company LLC working from his home. On August 18, 2022, he purchased from Leeor Sabbah the daughter of Maurice D Sabbah the former Chairman of the AHA School Board, and provided the $100 Million to create the American Hebrew Academy. Lawsuits accusing Sabbah of business fraud hounded him during his final years. The properties sold to Glenn Drew at 4000, 4004, and 4006 West Friendly Avenue were purchased for the sole purpose of building a multi-tenant apartment complex. All in the family… Maurice D Sabbah was Uncle to Glenn Drew.

Conclusion: Given Glenn Drew’s dubious business conduct and past dealings, his trustworthiness is significantly undermined. Allowing such an individual to reap profits from a visually offensive apartment complex on West Friendly Avenue would be an affront to our community’s shared values and aesthetics. This deeply concerning prospect necessitates our urgent attention and action.

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