Monday, November 20, 2023, Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

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The Power of Presence: Why Your Attendance at the Greensboro City Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting is Critical

As residents of Greensboro, we are the custodians of our community’s past and the architects of its future. Our Friendly Avenue neighborhood, a tapestry woven with the threads of history and family, faces a new challenge—one that necessitates not just awareness but active participation from each of us.

On November 20, 2023, the Greensboro City Planning and Zoning Commission will convene to discuss the proposed rezoning of Friendly Avenue. The outcome of this meeting holds the potential to redefine the essence of our neighborhood. This is not just another item on the city’s agenda; it’s a decision that will dictate the legacy we leave for future generations.

Here’s why your attendance is vital:

1. Voice Your Concerns

This meeting is a platform for you, the resident, to raise your voice. It’s one thing to speak through petitions or letters, but showing up in person adds weight to your words. When you stand before the Commission, you embody the passion and concern of our community. This is our opportunity to express not just opposition, but to present the profound impacts this rezoning could have on the quality of life we cherish.

2. Demonstrate Community Unity

There is undeniable strength in numbers. A strong turnout sends a clear message of solidarity. It shows the Commission that we are not a collection of individuals, but a united community, deeply invested in the outcome. Our physical presence is a testament to our collective commitment to preserving the neighborhood we love.

3. Be Informed and Informative

Attending the meeting allows you to be informed first-hand about the proceedings, the developer’s representations, and the Commission’s perspective. Equally, by being there, you can provide valuable insights and information that may not be apparent from written objections or second-hand accounts. Your personal stories and experiences are powerful tools in shaping the understanding of those who hold the vote.

4. Witness the Process

Democracy in action is a beautiful thing to witness and participate in. By attending the meeting, you become a part of the process, ensuring transparency and accountability. You’ll see how decisions are made, understand the complexities, and learn how to navigate them in the future.

5. Networking and Support

Such gatherings are also an opportunity to network with like-minded neighbors, meet with advocacy groups, and perhaps even sway those who are undecided. The connections made here can strengthen our cause and forge alliances that last beyond a single meeting.

6. Impact the Outcome

Your presence can make a difference. Often, the voices that are heard are the ones in the room where decisions are made. Don’t let others decide for you. By showing up, you become an active participant in shaping the decisions that will impact your daily life.

In closing, let’s remind ourselves of the community we’re fighting for—a community that values its green spaces, its historical significance, and its family-oriented atmosphere. The November 20th Greensboro City Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting is not just another date on the calendar; it’s a call to action for all who hold Friendly Avenue dear.

We urge you to mark this date with a sense of purpose. Let’s gather, not as scattered individuals, but as a force united by love for our neighborhood and a shared vision for its future.

Please, make it a priority to attend. The future of Friendly Avenue depends on it.