The Battle Continues

ReZoning Withdrawal by Glenn Drew
ReZoning Withdrawal by Glenn Drew

Great news, everyone! Glenn Drew has officially withdrawn his zoning request! This means our presence won’t be needed at the Zoning Meeting on Monday, August 21st. If you show up, you might just find an empty room! Let’s celebrate this win but remain vigilant for future developments. If you missed the news on FOX 8 watch it on YouTube HERE!  Onward, community! 🏡💪 #TriumphOnFriendly

Let’s keep the momentum going! 🌟 Keep those yard signs up and visible. Volunteers will start walking your neighborhood and placing stickers on the yard sign to give them a new message!

Thanks to the generous contributions on our GoFundMe page (, we’ve raised funds for stickers to update our current signs. Every bit of support makes a difference. Stay active, stay united! Make a donation to this grassroots cause today! 🏡❤️ #PreserveFriendly

With unwavering passion and unity, we must consistently relay our message to Glenn Drew: The Friendly Avenue community stands resolute in preserving our neighborhood exclusively for Single Family homes. Together, our voices together are powerful! ✊🏠❤️

New Signs with Updated Text

Need Your Continued Financial Support: Each sign, flyer, email, text message and advertisement is a crucial step towards safeguarding our community from unwelcome rezoning. To maintain momentum, we need to fund fresh yard signage, flyers, and social media campaigns. We aim to rally the entire community against this zoning shift. Would you consider making a donation to support our efforts?

Please consider making an additional donation to help cover these crucial expenses. Your support has been the backbone of our movement, and with your continued contribution, we can ensure our neighborhood’s charm remains untouched.

Mail your contribution to:
Friends of Friendly
PO Box 10142
Greensboro, NC 27404

Or instantly donate via our GoFundMe: or our NEW PayPal Link HERE

Call to Action: Protect Our Community from Disastrous Rezoning! Many of our neighbors are still unaware of the impending rezoning that could gravely affect us all. We must spread the word and unite in our efforts.

Share this message with your neighbors and repost our website and blog posts to your social media. Then urge your neighbors to stay informed by joining our email distribution at this link. Time is of the essence; act now to preserve the integrity of our neighborhood!