The Survey Results Are Unmistakable: A Clear Community Stance

Community Survey of Concerns over ReZoning
Community Survey of Concerns over ReZoning

The Friend of Friendly Committee recently distributed a survey to over 800 neighbors in the Friendly Avenue area, and the results have been overwhelmingly clear. Rest assured, your concerns are being taken very seriously.

Survey Highlights

The SurveyMonkey was filled out by 220 homeowners, and it’s crucial to note that the most pressing concern among respondents was the preservation of ‘Only Single Family Homes’. This was followed by demands for a ‘Minimum 100-foot setback from Friendly Ave’ and the need to ‘Protect the tree canopy’.

After consulting with our legal counsel, the committee representing our community was appalled to learn that Glenn Drew is intent on doubling down with his audacious plans. He’s preparing to submit another request for a ‘Planned Unit Development’ (PUD) as early as October. It’s abundantly clear that Drew has absolutely no interest in preserving the integrity of our neighborhood. Instead, he’s single-mindedly focused on maximizing his profits at our expense, planning to cram as many apartments, condos, or townhomes as possible into this 4.3-acre land parcel.

Glenn Drew’s False Statements

In a disingenuous statement to the Greensboro News and Record, Glenn Drew claims that ‘When Hutchinson Court is completed, I am convinced it will be an asset to the neighborhood, provide efficient and complementary use of available land resources and enhance neighboring properties and the Friendly Avenue corridor.’ Let’s be clear: Drew’s plans directly contradict his words. He has zero intentions of maintaining the single-family character, ambiance, and unique charm of our community. Instead, his plans aim to exploit our neighborhood to its maximum commercial potential, with little regard for those who call it home.

In an attempt to divert attention from the real issue at hand, Glenn Drew lashed out at concerned community members in his email to the Greensboro News and Record. He said, ‘It is unfortunate that a small group of residents have chosen to act in an underhanded manner by resorting to the publication of false and misleading information about myself and the Hutchinson Court development.’ Drew leans on his 35-year development record as if it justifies his plans to disrupt our community. The focus should not be on his past projects but on how his current proposal threatens the integrity of our neighborhood.

We are far from being just a ‘small group of concerned community members.’ We are proud homeowners living right here, in the heart of this very community. As the Friends of Friendly Committee, we speak on behalf of over 1,800 homeowners, each sharing a strong, resounding voice of concern over Glenn Drew’s unsettling plans. We are not just a committee; we are a community united in preserving the essence of our neighborhood.

Let the facts speak for themselves

The Friends of Friendly committee has been relentless in its research and due diligence concerning Glenn Drew’s history in our community. Our findings indicate that rather than engaging in open dialogue or constructive discussion, intimidation tactics have been deployed to silence any dissent. Notably, Drew’s attorney, Bo Rodenbough, has made threats of crippling lawsuits against committee members on behalf of his client as he feels we are making false statements. This aggressive posture raises significant concerns about Drew’s integrity and suitability as a developer for our neighborhood. These actions call for heightened scrutiny and make it crucial for every resident to fully grasp the character of the individuals involved in this proposed development on Friendly Avenue.

What Future Will Friendly Avenue Have?

Glenn Drew has already taken proactive steps that suggest a broader agenda, which goes beyond his current property interests on Friendly Avenue. He has approached homeowners directly across the street with intentions of constructing similar apartments, condos, or townhomes. This should serve as an alarming signal to all residents that his plans, if left unchecked, could set a dangerous precedent for spot zoning, thereby altering the very fabric of Friendly Avenue forever. It is imperative that we unite and act decisively to stop this encroachment before it gains any further momentum.

Does he really have a Development History?

Despite Glenn Drew’s claims of a 35-year track record in various types of real estate development, our research suggests a different narrative. The only substantial evidence we found indicates that Drew mismanaged the financial operations of the American Hebrew Academy, leading to the institution’s collapse. It’s clear that Drew has not been transparent about his experience, calling into question the integrity of his plans for our community.

His questionable background.

Glenn Drew, the central figure in the financial unraveling of the American Hebrew Academy, has shown a pattern of questionable decision-making and a lack of transparency. Given that the academy seemed designed to subsist on charitable donations from the Jewish community, Drew’s role raises serious concerns about his true intentions. This track record does little to instill confidence in his plans for Friendly Avenue, further emphasizing the need for scrutiny and community vigilance.

Glenn Drew’s links to potential international misconduct are coming under scrutiny. Puxin LTD, a company with dubious intentions and valued between $100-500 million, focuses on school takeovers believed to promote Chinese influence. In a concerning chain of events, key figures including Sabbah, Drew, and other board members were ousted in October 2019, a maneuver that revolved around a $26 million loan with involvement from a title attorney of Schell Bray. By January 2021, the academy found itself indebted by another $15 million loan. Adding to the financial intrigue, two Paycheck Protection Plan loans totaling nearly $750K were accessed without any disclosure of Chinese ownership interest. The situation became even murkier in May 2022 when Puxin was de-listed from the NYSE due to a sanction from the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, which highlighted Puxin’s alarming pattern of predatory business actions. Drew’s association with these unfolding events demands a thorough investigation.


The integrity of Glenn Drew as a developer is now seriously in question, casting a shadow over any potential development plans he may have for Friendly Avenue. Drew’s involvement in what has become a series of questionable financial maneuvers and international controversies cannot be ignored. These actions, combined with his elusive record in residential and commercial development, raise significant doubts about whether his plans will align with the desires and interests of Friendly Avenue homeowners. Given this background, there’s a pressing concern that Drew’s development project could be far from meeting the community’s hopes for maintaining the single-family charm and character of the neighborhood.

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