Friendly Avenue Rezoning Proposal Faces Fierce Backlash from Community


Developer’s Representatives Meet With Hostile Reception

In a dramatic turn of events, the proposed rezoning of Friendly Avenue has ignited a firestorm of opposition from the local community. During a tense meeting on Monday night, which saw a turnout of over 200 concerned residents, the atmosphere was charged with palpable anger and apprehension.

Attorney Jamey Lowdermilk, representing the developer behind the controversial plan, found herself at the epicenter of the community’s ire. As she stood before the crowded room, the residents did not hold back in expressing their vehement opposition to the proposal, which suggests transforming a part of their cherished Friendly Avenue neighborhood into an area for rental townhomes.

The meeting, marked by an outpouring of emotion, highlighted the depth of concern amongst residents. Boos and sharp rebukes from the crowd were directed at the developer’s representatives, underscoring the community’s united stand against the rezoning. This proposal, seen as a threat to the neighborhood’s character and lifestyle, has galvanized residents into action, determined to protect the integrity of their living environment.

As the debate over this rezoning continues to unfold, it’s clear that the residents of Friendly Avenue are steadfast in their resolve to oppose any development that undermines the essence of their community. The strong turnout and vocal opposition at Monday’s meeting are indicative of a neighborhood not just concerned, but ready to fight for the future of their home.

Reported by Connor McNeely with the Greensboro News and Record at Friendly Avenue rezoning draws strong opposition