The Ripple Effect: Why Stopping the Unwanted Development is Critical for Our Community

Friendly Avenue

Opinion Article by: Nicky Smith

Picture this: A serene neighborhood with children playing in spacious yards, cyclists enjoying the calm roads, and residents savoring the peace of their homes. Friendly Avenue has been just that for countless families for decades. But this picturesque charm we cherish is under threat, and if we don’t act now, our beloved community could forever be marred by the heavy stamp of unwanted development.

The proposal spearheaded by Glenn Drew aims to drastically reshape our neighborhood. The envisioned development is not just about the 26 townhome duplexes; it is about the ethos of our community. It’s about the soul of Friendly Avenue.

1. Character & Identity

Communities are characterized not just by the people who live there but by the physical space they inhabit. The proposed development, with its densely packed homes, is starkly out of place. It threatens to dilute the unique identity we’ve nurtured over decades. If we allow such a deviation from our community’s architectural norm, what’s to stop others from pushing similar projects in the future? Once the precedent is set, it’s a slippery slope.

2. Safety Concerns

Introducing such a significant number of residences in a compact space will inevitably lead to increased traffic. Our tranquil streets, where children once safely played and cyclists pedaled without a worry, will now be dotted with an influx of cars. This poses a direct threat not just to our way of life but to our lives themselves. We should not have to wait for accidents to happen to realize the magnitude of the mistake.

3. Economic Impact

One might argue that development can lead to economic prosperity. But at what cost? With the potential of property values plummeting due to increased density and noise, homeowners stand to lose the most. Additionally, the aesthetics of densely packed housing could deter potential future residents, further impacting property values.

4. Environmental Impact

Nature has been a cherished companion in our neighborhood. With the looming construction, we face the potential loss of trees, disruption to local fauna, and an increase in pollution. This isn’t just an aesthetic loss; it’s an environmental concern that will affect our health and well-being.

5. Trust & Transparency

Given Glenn Drew’s questionable history and dealings, there’s a shadow cast over the integrity of the project. Our community deserves transparency and trustworthiness in any developmental project. The lack of it in this case further underlines the importance of our opposition.

A Unified Stand

The heart of this issue isn’t just about opposing a development project. It’s about preserving the character and soul of our community. It’s about standing up to decisions made without adequate consultation or consideration for the neighborhood’s inhabitants. Most importantly, it’s about the message we send. If we don’t rally against this now, we send a clear signal to any future developers: Friendly Avenue is open for unsympathetic development.

This is our community, our home. Supporting this cause isn’t just about stopping an unwanted development. It’s about taking control of our community’s destiny, ensuring our children grow up in the same serene environment we’ve loved and cherished. We owe it to ourselves, our neighbors, and future generations to take a stand.

Don’t just watch from the sidelines. The impact of this development won’t discriminate. It will touch each of us, changing the face of the Friendly Avenue we love. Join hands, raise your voice, and let’s collectively ensure our community remains unspoiled for years to come.

Support the Cause: Every Penny Counts

While passion, unity, and determination are our strongest assets, battles like these often come with tangible expenses. To ensure our voice is heard loudly and clearly, we’ve established various fronts of action – from raising awareness through signs and advertising to organizing community meetings. The objective remains unwavering: to keep every member of our community informed and ready to protect Friendly Avenue.

To fortify our efforts, we’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign. Every donation, regardless of its size, is a testament to the collective spirit of Friendly Avenue’s residents. Your financial support will directly contribute to our ability to safeguard our neighborhood.

If you believe in preserving the essence of Friendly Avenue, if you want future generations to inherit the beauty and peace we’ve known, consider making a donation. Let’s show Glenn Drew, and anyone else who might challenge our community in the future, that we’re not just a neighborhood; we’re a united front ready to protect our legacy.

Support our mission. Click here to donate to the Friends of Friendly via GoFundMe. Together, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, we will build a wall of resistance against unwanted development. Your contribution ensures our beloved Friendly Avenue remains friendly for all.

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