Glenn A Drew’s Questionable Business Ethics

September 2021 marked the initiation of CZS Development Company LLC, operating from Glenn Drew’s residence. On August 18, 2022, Drew acquired properties at 4000, 4004, and 4006 West Friendly Avenue from Leeor Sabbah, daughter of Maurice D Sabbah, former Chairman of the AHA School Board and implicated in several business fraud cases. The properties, interestingly, were bought with the sole intent of erecting a multi-tenant apartment complex. Notably, Maurice D Sabbah was Glenn Drew’s uncle. This intricate family connection, combined with Glenn Drew’s questionable business history, casts a heavy shadow on his trustworthiness. The prospect of such an individual profiting from a potential eyesore of an apartment complex on West Friendly Avenue poses a grave threat to our community’s shared values and aesthetics. It is a situation that demands our immediate and vigilant response.